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I also liked the balance between free time and outings. We could see all the sites and still explore on our own a lot.

Hanoi: Hotel-very central, good breakfast and nice clean and spacious rooms. It was great to be able to freshen up there after Sapa and also to leave our baggage there until later. We were disappointed that the Water puppet show was fully booked in Hanoi, but were able to see a similar show in Ho Chi Minh at the end of our tip. The theatre there can be recommended to other visitors- excellent and fun!

Halong Bay: The boat trip was also very good. The weather was bad but in spite of that we had a very relaxing time. Friendly staff, clean, good food and sights. I see now on my program that the kayaking was included, but we were asked to pay extra. My fault, I could have checked.

Sapa: The train was a great experience with our friends! We laughed till late into the night and it was difficult to wake up at 5 30 the next morning! We had a very pleasant guide, good English and good sense of humour. The market was great, I think a must for every visitor. The trip down the river was also good, restful and informing. Our hotel was good but we could not enjoy the view! The weather was very bad, it rained and was foggy most of the time. In spite of that we had a great walk around to the villages, market and also around the town. Our guide could answer all our questions and gave a lot of interesting detail. We bought warm clothes and drank a lot of hot chocolate!

Hoi An: The Marble mountain was good for viewing. The guide here was kind but had a habit of snorting! This is a bit offensive to visitors. Our hotel in Hoi An was very good. We spent 4 nights there, enough time to unpack and rest. Our rooms were spacious and neat. There was a free tasting of Vietnamese food in the garden. The spa there was also very professional and affordable. We had some clothes made and walked around the beautiful old town. The guide was very pleasant, friendly and spoke good English. She also gave good advice of what to do in our free time. We hired bicycles and cycled out to the beach and vegetable gardens close by. Although it rained softly for most of the time we had a wonderful day. The cooking class was even better than expected and was a whole outing- market, boat ride, herb garden, cooking and a great meal. We had a great meal in a cosy restaurant called Secret Garden. I have very fond memories of Hoi An!

Hue: The road trip to Hue through the pass was very pretty and our guide and driver stopped often to show us some good views. The hotel there was very fully booked and in the end I did not like the room we were given. It was very crowded, not much room to pack things. The staff were very friendly and helped where they could. The royal dinner was a bit of an uneasy affair! We were the only guests dressed up and there was a lot of focus on the 4 of us! I think this works better for large tour groups who all eat together and play the roles. We felt a bit silly as the singers sang only to us 4. The food was very good and the decorations made from vegetables were done skilfully.  In our free time we visited some sights and we took a boat on the river to the royal tombs. It was still raining, so we were all covered up but it did not dampen our spirits!

Ho Chi Minh: Again a very nice hotel room, although the hotel was packed, we had to wait for a table at breakfast time. Our guide spoke English comfortably and our driver was friendly and skilled. All our day visits were VERY good. I enjoyed the visits to the brick factory and the sweets place a lot. It was tranquil on the river and the lunch was very special. We had a lot of cultural singing, so the last one at the fruit tasting place was a bit much! We were very impressed with the Water puppet show here! It is in a theatre where all the guests can see clearly, not too long and a lot of fun, a good way to spend our last night there. The hotel setting was great, it was near most of the attractions and the market.
In general: When my friends ask me what I enjoyed most in Vietnam I really can’t choose! My answer is then that I am mostly impressed with the way of live and friendliness of the people. It was great to visit a country where things are still affordably, even for South Africans with a weak Rand. The guides were all extremely kind, informative and professional. I felt safe in the vehicles and walking around at all times. We were not hassled to buy too much, and got our money’s worth. All the hotels you booked for us were very well situated in walking distance of most sites and old towns.  Memories of this trip will stay with me for a long time!
Phuong, to you and your team - a VERY BIG THANK YOU.

Linda and Dudley