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Dear Paquita,

Sorry for the delay in writing. Anyway wanted to write just to say that we were very happy with your services and would like to once again thank all the people on the Asiatica team who helped us. We think the planning of the trip was very well thought out and we were happy that we went to the places you suggested. 

Our first driver was really excellent especially since we can see that it is not so easy to drive in Vietnam! He did a fantastic job. We felt always that we were in very good hands. 

Kevin was also a very good guide. We liked very much the bike rides that we took with him and of course learned things as he spoke to us.

Halong Bay was one of the highlights for us. We liked very much the Ginger boat thought the facilities and food were good and that there too the little excursions to the fishing village, kayaking etc… were well planned and orchestrated. We were very happy that we stayed 2 nights. The kids even swam. 

We also liked Sapa (the train was fine the bathrooms not so fine!) and our home stay worked out very well. The family was kind and we had a wonderful meal with Lap our guide and the family. We enjoyed walking in the rice fields with Lap and loved the Bac Ha Sunday Market which we were fortunate to have seen on our way to Sapa that was also a highlight for us as it was so colorful a great place to watch life and take pictures. Lap our guide in Sapa was really a very enjoyable person to be with. He was interesting and told us interesting things was especially good with the kids. We felt fortunate that he was our guide. He was also very flexible when we said we would prefer to walk in nature than walk around Sapa he took us to a beautiful path and came with us there.

Finally we did get to see Hanoi on our last day and Kevin gave us a tour of all the highlights. He knew lots of things and we were glad that we were able to see him again and see some of Hanoi. 

We would like to come back one day to visit the South of Vietnam and Cambodia. We had a great visit to Laos after Vietnam which worked out well. 

Thank you again for all your help. I sent you a real letter of thanks in the mail last week so hopefully you will receive that soon.

All the best for the New Year!!!

Many thanks from all of us,

Kathy, Dimitris, Phoebe, and Thanos